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AI based Progressive Deployments

(including multi cloud)

Setup complex deployments like Canary and Blue/Green in a few simple clicks. No need for any painful custom verification/gluing scripts. Our AI recognises patterns in your favourite logging and monitoring stack to automatically rollback and alert you when needed

gitops management

Truly GitOps - No deployment drifts

Complete state of your environments is stored in git, and is available for you to manage behind an intuitive UI. Drifts is your environments are handled automatically. You can also safely version control your secrets securely with your integrations.

git ops management

Open Platform

You can continue using your favourite CI tools like Jenkins, and also service meshes like Istio, Linkerd, App Mesh, or Traefik. Our platform seamlessly integrates with these tools to empower your team to improve stability KPIs, along with enabling developers to release more often.


Increase Deployments/ Release Velocity
Increase Deployments/ Release Velocity

Dev teams can operate independently. Can make application releases anytime, anywhere.

Increase Productivity. Reduce toil.
Increase Productivity. Reduce toil.

More of devops bandwidth can be focused on SRE and automation reducing repetitive tasks.

Reduced MTTR. Saving Devops Cost.
Reduced MTTR. Saving Devops Cost.

Anomalies are detected asap and application rollbacks. Reduce effort spent by devops on rollbacking applications.

No limit on Deployment Window
No limit on Deployment Window.

Deploy/Rollback anytime safely, no need for devops to burn midnight oil for application releases. Less frustation, more fun.

No custom Scripts for Progressive Deployments
No custom Scripts for Progressive Deployments

Let the AI understand patterns and do progressive delivery. No need to write and update custom scripts for Canary/Blue-Green deployments.

How It Works


Add your Kubernetes clusters

  • Identify target Kubernetes clusters and namespaces. Ideally you can start with a fresh cluster to manage all deployments via HybridK8s CD
  • Add cluster details and copy the cluster daemon helm install command.
  • Wait for the daemon to become healthy and update the healthy status on our dashboards.

Add your applications

  • Enter details of your own applications or third party services like EFK or Prometheus
  • Select multiple target deployments to any of the Kubernetes cluster/namespaces added earlier, also having separate targets for each environments
  • Quickly setup your deployment (eg: rolling/canary/BG) and your application is setup and synced.

Sit back, Relax!

  • Let our bots do al the hardworking allowing you to focus on more quality work!

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HybridK8s CD is expanding and the pricing is in preview. This allows us to learn from our customers and evolve our service to provide the best experience. Please contact sales to get a demo and pricing.

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